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4 They produce the fruits of grace,

S. M. Harboro', 142. Australia, 462. In the works of righteousness!

Communion with the Father, Son, Born of God, they hate all sin,

and Holy Ghost. 1 Johni.5. DODDRIDGE. God's pure word remains within: With them, &c.

1 UR heavenly FATHER calls,

And CHRIST invites us near ! 15 They have fellowship with God,

The SPIRIT makes our friendship sweet Through the Mediator's blood;

And our communion dear.
One with God, through Jesus one,
Glory is in them begun :

God pities all our griefs ;
With them, &c.

He pardons every day;

Almighty to protect our souls, 6 Though they suffer much on earth,

And wise to guide our way. Strangers to the worldling's mirth,

3 How large his bounties are!
Yet they have an inward joy,
Pleasures which can never cloy :

What various stores of good,
With them, &c.

Diffused from our Redeemer's hand,

And purchased with his blood! 7 They alone are truly blest

4 JESUS, our living Head, Heirs of God, joint-heirs with Christ;

We bless thy faithful care :
They with love and peace are fill'd; Our Advocate before the throne,
They are, by his Spirit, seal'd;

And our Forerunner there.
With them number'd may we be,
Now, and through eternity.


5 The SPIRIT gives new life, L. M. Portugal, 97. Alfred, 509.

And prayer and praise inspires;

'Tis He who plucks the worthless brands Christians the sons of God.

| From the devouring fires. John i. 12. 1 John iii. l. STENNETT. Le

" 6 He carries on his work NOT all the nobles of the earth,

Of grace where'er begun; N Who boast the honours of their birth, I He sheds abroad the Father's love, ! Such real dignity can claim

And glorifies the Son. As those who bear the Christian name.

7 This love and grace shall make 2 To them the privilege is given

Our grateful incense burn; To be the sons and heirs of heaven;

Our hearts, our lives are borne away; Sons of the God who reigns on high,

For love we love return. And heirs of joys beyond the sky,

8 Blest fellowship, how sweet, 3 On them, a happy chosen race,

With God the sacred Three! Their Father pours his richest grace:

But if imperfect grace is bliss, To them his counsels he imparts,

What then must glory be? And stamps his image on their hearts. Here fix, my roving heart! 4 Their infant cries, their tender age,

Here wait, my warmest love! dis pity and his love engage:

Till the communion be complete He clasps them in his arms, and there

In nobler scenes above. Secures them with parental care.]

07 L. M. Ulverston, 179. Monmouth, 380. 5 His will he makes them early know,

Ji Communion with God. BEDDOME. And teaches their young feet to go; Whispers instruction to their minds,

IMY rising soul, with strong desires, And on their hearts his precepts binds.

M To perfect happiness aspires,

With steady steps would tread the road 6 When through temptation they rebel, | That leads to heaven---that leads to God. His chastening rod he makes them feel; 1

: 2 I thirst to drink unmingled love Then with a father's tender heart,

From the pure fountain-head above; He soothes the pain and heals the smart.

My dearest Lord, I long to be 7 Their daily wants his hands supply, Emptied of sin, and full of thee. Their steps he guards with watchful eye, 1 3 Fort

chful eye, 3 For thee I pant, for thee I burn; Leads them from earth to heaven above,

Art thou withdrawn? again return : And crowns them with eternal love.

Nor let me be the first to say, 8 If I've the honour, Lord, to be

Thou wilt not hear when sinners pray. One of this numerous family, On me the gracious gift bestow,

C.M. Condescension, 116. To call thee Abba, Father! too.

Walking with God. COWPER, 9 So may my conduct ever prove

10 FOR a closer walk with God, My filial piety and love!

A calm and heavenly frame; Whilst all my brethren clearly trace

A light to shine upon the road Their Father's likeness in my face.

That leads me to the Lamb!


15 Lord, blast his empire with thy breath ;

That cursed throne must fall;
Ye flattering plagues, that work our death,

Fly, for we hate you all.

2 Where is the blessedness I knew

When first I saw the Lord ?
Where is the soul-refreshing view

Of Jesus and his word ? | 3 What peaceful hours I then enjoy'd!

How sweet their memory still !
But now I find an aching void

The world can never fill.
4 Return, O holy Dove! return,

Sweet messenger of rest!
I hate the sins that made thee mourn,

And drove thee from my breast. 5 The dearest idol I have known,

Whate'er that idol be,
Help me to tear it from thy throne,

And worship only thee. 6 So shall my walk be close with God,

Calm and serene my frame;
So purer light shall mark the road

That leads me to the Lamb.

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10 PART I. L. M. Mark's, 65.

Life by Christ. DODDRIDGE. 1 PRAISE to our Shepherd's gracious

name, Who on so kind an errand came; Came, that by him his flock might live,

And more abundant life receive.
2 Hail, great Immanuel! from above,
High seated on thy throne of love,
O pour the vital torrent down,-

Thy people's joy, their Lord's renown. 3 Scarce half alive we sigh and cry,

Scarce raise to thee our languid eye;
Kind Saviour, let our dying state

Compassion in thy heart create. 4 The Shepherd's blood the sheep must

( may we all its influence feel! [heal; Till inward deep experience show Christ can begin a heaven below.

o C. M. Worksop, 31. Glasgow, 376.
Sins & sorrows laid beforeGod. watts.
THAT I knew the secret place,

Where I might find my God!
I'd spread my wants before his face,

And pour my woes abroad.
! 2 I'd tell him how my sins arise,

What sorrows I sustain ;
How grace decays and comfort dies,

And leaves my heart in pain.
3 He knows what arguments I'd take

To wrestle with my God;
I'd plead for his own mercy's sake

And for my Saviour's blood.
4 My God will pity my complaints,

And heal my broken bones;
He takes the meaning of his saints,

The language of their groans.
5 Arise, my soul, from deep distress,

And banish every fear;
He calls thce to his throne of grace

To spread thy sorrows there.

Part II. L.M. Winchester, 137.

Justification and Sanctification, W E hail that condescending grace

Vy Which shows a Saviour's righteousEternal honours to that name (ness! Which covers all our guilt and shame! 2 O may his blood, that boundless sea,

Purge all our deepest stains away; And we, renew'd by grace divine, More in our Lord's resemblance shine.

I'd plenestle Wit argumen pain.


C. M. Abridge, 201. Ellenboro', 170.

Sanctification & pardon. WATTS. 11 WHERE shall we sinners hide our

Can rocks or mountains save?
Or shall we wrap us in the shades

Of midnight and the grave?
2 Is there no shelter from the eye

Of a revenging God?
Jesus, to thy dear wounds we fly;

Bedew us with thy blood.
3 Those guardian drops our souls secure,

And wash away our sin;
Eternal justice frowns no more,

And conscience smiles within.
4 We bless that wondrous purple stream

That cleanses every stain;
Yet are our souls but half redeem'd
If sin, the tyrant, reign.

PART III. 8.7. Vienna, 330.

Conformity to Christ. C. WESLEY. 1 T OVE divine, all loves excelling,

U Joy of heaven, to earth come down; Fix in us thy humble dwelling,

All thy faithful mercies crown. Jesus, thou art all compassion;

Pure, unbounded love thou art; Visit us with thy salvation,

Enter every trembling heart. 2 Come, almighty to deliver,

Let us all thy grace receive; Suddenly return, and never,

Never more, thy temples leave; Thee we would be always blessing;

Serve thee as thy hosts above; Pray, and praise thee, without ceasing.

Glory in thy perfect love. 3 Finish, then, thy new creation,

Pure and spotless let us be; Let us see thy great salvation,

Perfectly restored in thee:
Changed from glory into glory,

Till in heaven we take our place,
Till we cast our crowns before thee,
Lost in wonder, love, and praise !

109 S. M. Simon's, 250. Broderip's, 252. 3 How dire the wreck! how loud the roari The leper healed. STENNETT.

| How shrill the universal cry

Of millions in the last despair,
EHOLD the leprous Jew,

Re-echoed from the low'ring sky!
D Oppress'd with pain and grief,
Pouring his tears at Jesus' feet

4 Yet Noah, humble, happy saint! For pity and relief.

Surrounded with a chosen few,

Sat in his ark. secure from fear, 2 'O speak the word,' he cries,

And sang the grace that steer'd him thro'. "And heal me of my pain: Lord, thou art able, it thou wilt,

5 So may I sing, in Jesus safe, To make a leper clean.'

While storms of vengeance round me fall;

Conscious how high my hopes are fix'd, 3 Compassion moves his heart; He speaks the gracious word;

Beyond what shakes this earthly ball. The leper feels his strength return, 6 Enter thine ark, while patience waits, And all his sickness cured.

Nor ever quit that sure retreat ; 4 To thee, dear Lord, I look,

Then the wide flood which buries earth Sick of a worse disease :

Shall waft thee to a fairer seat. Sin is my painful malady,

7 Nor wreck nor ruin there is seen ; And none can give me ease.

There not a wave of trouble rolls; 5 But thy almighty grace

But the bright rainbow round the throne Can heal my leprous soul :

Seals endless life to all their souls.
bathe me in thy precious blood,
And that will make me whole.

C.M. Bedford, 91.
S.M. Hopkins, 157. Reuben, 328.

Perseverance. Ps. cxix. 117.
The security of Christ's sheep.

T ORD, hast thou made me know thy
John x. 27–29. DODDRIDGE.

L Conduct me in thy fear, (ways? I VY soul, with joy attend,

And grant une such supplies of grace,
While Jesus silence breaks ;

That I may persevere.
No angel's harp such music yields, 2 Let but thy own Almighty arm
As what my Shepherd speaks :

Sustain a feeble worm, ? 'I know my sheep,' he cries,

I shall escape secure from harm
My soul approves them well:

Amid the dreadful storm.
Vain is the treach'rous world's disguise, 1.

se, 3 Be thou my all-sufficient friend And vain the rage of hell.

Till all my toils shall cease;
I freely feed them now

Guard me through life, and let my end With tokens of my love;

Be everlasting peace. But richer pastures I prepare,

And sweeter streams above. “Unnumber'd years of bliss

.M. Kingsbridge, 88. Ulverston, 179. I to my sheep will give;

V Perseverance desired. STENNETT. And, while my throne unshaken stands, Shall all my chosen live.

1 JESUS, my Saviour, and my God, *This tried almighty hand

J Thou hast redeem'd me with thy Is raised for their defence; (there?

By ties both natural and divine, [blood; Where is the power shall reach them I am, and ever will be, thine.

Or what shall force them thence ? 2 But, ah! should my inconstant heart, Enough, my gracious Lord,

Ere I'm aware, from thee depart, Let faith triumphant cry;

What dire reproach would fall on me My heart can on this promise live,

For such ingratitude to thee! Can on this promise die.

13 The thought I dread, the crime I hate

The guilt, the shame, I deprecate;
L. M. Angel's Hymn, 60.

And yet so mighty are my foes,
Safety in Christ. DODDRIDGE. I dare not trust my warmest vows.
THE deluge, at the Almighty's call, 4 Pity my frailty, dearest Lord !
1 In what impetuous streams, it fell !

Grace in the needful hour afford :
Swallow'd the mountains in its rage,

O steel this timorous heart of mine And swept a guilty world to hell.

With fortitude and love divine. In vain the tallest sons of pride

5 So shall I triumph o'er my fears, Fled from the close-pursuing wave

And gather joys from all my tears: Nor could their mightiest towers defend, So shall I to the world proclaim Nor swiftness 'scape, nor courage save.

The honours of the Christian name.




107 5.6. Horsington, 219. Winwick, 75. We will give thee all the glory Method of salvation. TOPLADY.

of the love that brought us near;

Bid us praise thee, THEE, Father, we bless,

And rejoice with holy fear. 1 Whose distinguishing grace

5 Free election, known by calling, Selected a people to show forth thy praise;

Is a privilege divine: Nor is thy love known

Saints are kept from final falling; By election alone;


All the glory, Lord, be thine; For, o, thou hast added the gift of thy | All the glory, 2 The goodness in vain

All the glory, Lord, is thine. We attempt to explain,

men; Which found and accepted a ransom for

C. M. Great Milton, 212.
Great SURETY of thine,
Thou didst not decline [ous design.

Complete salvation.

3 To Jesus our friend,

Shall surely be complete ; Our thanks shall ascend, [the end; 1 He paid whate'er his people owed. Who saves to the utmost, and loves to And cancell'd all their debt. Our ransom he paid !

2 He sends his Spirit from above In his merit array'd,


Our nature to renew; We attain to the glory for which we were

| Displays his power, reveals his love, 4 Sweet Spirit of grace!

Gives life and comfort too. Thy mercy we bless,

(peace; 3 He heals our wounds, subdues our foes For thy eminent share in the council of

And shows our sins forgiven; Great Agent Divine

Conducts us through the wilderness, To restore us is thine,


And brings us safe to heaven, And cause us afresh in thy likeness to

4 Salvation now shall be my stay; 5 O God, 't is thy part

A sinner saved !' I 'll cry; To convince and convert ; [heart;

Then gladly quit this mortal clay,
To give a new life, and create a new

For better joys on high.
Tly presence and grace
Sustain in our race,

[our days. Thus we're kept in thy love to the end of

11.8. Calne, 69. Beaconsfield, 454. 6 Father, Spirit, and Son,

Distinguishing grace. Jer. xxxi. 3. Agree thus in one,

[his own; ITN songs of sublime adoration and praise, The salvation of those he has marked for Tye vilurims! for Sicu who Let us, too, agree,

Break forth, and extol the great Ancient of To glorify thee,

His rich and distinguishing grace. Thou ineffable One, thou adorable Three! 2 His love, from eternity, fix'd upon you,

Broke forth and discover'd its tame, (drew,

When each with the cords of his kindness he 8.7.4. Helmsley, 223.

And brought you to love his great vame.

3 had he niot pitied the state you were in, Free sulvation. 2 Tim. i.9.

Your bosoms his love had ne'er feit: (in sin,

You all would have lived, would have died, too, I TESUS is our great salvation,

And sunk with the load of your guilt. J Worthy of our best esteem;

4 What was there in you that could merit esteen, He has saved his favourite nation;

Or give the Creator delight Join to sing aloud to him ;

'T was Even so, Father! you ever nust sing, He has saved us,

Because it seem'd good in thy sight.' Christ alone could us redeem.

5 "T was all of thy grace we were brought to obey 2 When involved in sin and ruin,

While others were suffer'd to go And no helper there was found,

The road which by nature we chose as our way, Jesus our distress was viewing

Which leads to the regions of woe. Grace did more than sin abound; 6 Then give all the glory to his holy name, He has called us,

To him all the glory belongs;

fame, With salvation in the sound.

Be yours the bigh joy still to sound forth its

and crown himn in each of your songs.
3 Save us from a mere profession!
Save us from hypocrisy !

PART I. C. M. Irish, 171.
Give us, Lord, the sweet possession
Of thy righteousness and thee:

The grace of God. BEDDONE.
Best of favours !
None compared with this can be.

T1 CREAT God, 't is from thy sovereign

UT That all my blessings flow; (grace 4 Let us never, Lord, forget thee;

Whate'er I am, or do possess, Make us walk as pilgrims here:

I to thy mercy owe.

'T is this my powerful lusts controls, | 6 (When sinners broke the Father's laws, And pardons all my sin;

The dying Son atones : Spreads life and comfort through my soul, Oh, the dear mysteries of his cross ! And makes my nature clean.

The triumph of his groans !] 3 °T is this upholds me whilst I live, 17 Now the full glories of the Lamb Supports me when I die;

Adorn the heavenly plains ; And hence, ten thousand saints receive Sweet cherubs learn Immanuel's name, Their All, as well as I.

And try their choicest strains. 4 How full must be the springs from whence 8 Oh, may I bear some humble part Such various streams proceed !

In that immortal song! The pasture cannot but be rich

Wonder and joy shall tune my heart, On which so many feed.

And love command my tongue.

PART II. S.M. Cranbrook, 303.

C. M. Piety, 513. Triumphant, 437. Salvation by grace. DODDRIDGE.

I am thy salvation. DODDRIDGE. 1 RACE! 't is a charming sound, U Harmonious to the ear!

I SALVATION!.- melodious sound Heaven with the echo shall resound, D To wretched dying men ! And all the earth shall hear.

Salvation that froin God proceeds, 2 Grace first contrived the way

And leads to God again. To save rebellious man;

2 Rescued from hell's eternal gloom, And all the steps that grace display

From fiends, and fires, and chains ! Which drew the wondrous plau.

Raised to a paradise of bliss, Grace first inscribed my name

Where love triumphant reigns ! In God's eternal book :

| 3 But may a poor bewilder'd soul, 'Twas grace that gave me to the Lamb, Sinful and weak as mine, Who all my sorrows took.

Presume to raise a trembling eye C'race led my roving feet

To blessings so divine? To tread the heavenly road;

4 The lustre of so bright a bliss And new supplies each hour I meet

My feeble heart o'erbears, While pressing on to God.

And unbelief almost perverts 5 Grace taught my soul to pray,

The promise into tears. And made my eyes o'erflow : 'Twas grace that kept me to this day. 5 My Saviour God, no voice but thine And will not let me go.

These dying hopes can raise :

Speak thy salvation to my soul, 6 Grace all the work shall crown,

And turn my prayer to praise.
Through everlasting days;
It lays in heaven the topmost stone,

And well deserves the praise.

Anas grace the eyes o to pray,

C.M. Weybridge, 92. Gratitude, 383. SCRIPTURE INVITATIONS AND
Glory of God in salvation. WATTS.

1 FATHER, how wide thy glory shines !
T How high thy wonders rise!

PART 1. L. M. Paul's, 246. Known thro' the earth by thousand signs,

I IGod reasoning with men.STENNETT. By thousands through the skies. 2 (Part of thy name divinely stands

I'NOME, sinners,' saith the mighty God,

u Heinous as all your crimes have On all thy creatures writ; They show the labour of thine hands,

Lo! I descend from mine abode [been, Or impress of thy feet.]

To reason with the sons of men. 3 But when we view thy strange design

2 No clouds of darkness veil my face, To save rebellious worms,

No vengeful lightnings flash around; Where vengeance and compassion join

I come with terms of life and peace; In their divinest forms;

Where sin hath reign'd, let grace abound.' 4 Our thoughts are lost in reverend awe.--| 3 Yes, Lord, we will obey thy call, We love and we adore;

And to thy gracious sceptre bow; The first archangel never saw

O make our crimson sins like wool, So much of God before.

Our scarlet crimes as white as snow. 6 Here the whole Deity is known: 14 So shall our thankful lips repeat Nor dares a creature guess

Thy praises with a tuneful voice, Which of the glories brightest shone, While humbly prostrate at thy feet, The justice or the grace.

We wonder, tremble, and rejoice.

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