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THE HISTORY of the BIBLE, by the Rev. Mr. Howel, being much esteemed, and having become very scarce, I was desired by the publishers of this edition to prepare it for the press: in doing which I found much more labour than I expected; for Mr. Howel's style was frequently negligent, and required some improvement to render it agreeable to modern and intelligent readers. Many events, recorded both in the Old and New Testament, appeared to me to have been passed over too slightly. To his account of these I have made considerable additions ; and have sometimes ventured to intermingle a few practical reflections. I have also endeavoured to throw that light upon some of the obscurer passages of the Old Testament with which we are furnished by the New. The History of our Saviour's sufferings, death, and resurrection, is much enlarged, for which I am indebted chiefly to those excellent writers, Doctors Doddridge and Macknight; from whom, as well as from several other able critics, I have borrowed many an explanatory note, which I trust have contributed greatly to enrich the Work: and throughout the whole, I have laboured to render the history uniformly evangelical. In a word If Mr. Howell's criginal work deserved the approbation of the public, I hope this improved edition will be still more acceptable, and be found generally useful to Christians of all denominations.

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