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Section 1. Of the Origin of the Methodist Epifcopat

Church -
Section II. Articles of Religion -
Section III. Of the General and Yearly Conferences
Section IV. Of the Election and Confecration of Bi-

Joops, and of their Duty
Section V. Of the Presiding Elders, and of their

Duty - -
Section VI. Of the Election and Ordination of Tra-

velling Elders, and of their Duty :
Section VII. Of the Elečtion and Ordination of Tra-

velling Deacons, and of their Duty :
Section V1II. Of the Method of receiving Preach-

ers, and of their Duty"
Section IX. Of the Salaries of the Ministers and
Preachers -


Section X. Of the Duties of those who have the

Charge of, Circuits. . ... 69
Section X1. Of the Trial of those who think they are

moved by the Holy Ghost to preach - 83
Section XIR. Of the Matter and Manner of Preach-

ing, and of other public Exercises -
Section XIII. Of the Duty of Preachers to God,
themselves, and one another

Section XIV. Rules by which we should continue or

deff from, Preaching at any Place - 95
Section XV. Of visiting from House to Houfe ; guard-

ing against those Sins that are so common to Pro-

fellors, and enforcing Practical Religion - 97
Section XVI. Of the Instruction of Children 104


Section IX. Of Slavery
Section X. Of the Sale and Use of spirituous Liquors 173

Section I. Of building Churches, and the Order to be
observed therein . -

12 Section II. Of the Printing of Books, and the Apo ,

plication of the Profits arising therefrom 178 Section III. Tke Plan of Education recommended to

all our Seminaries of Learning Section IV. Of Christian Perfection

184. Section V. Against Antinomianism



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