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THE PRE FACE. THO'the reasons which induced the + Editor to make this collection will be obvious to most of those for whose accommodation it is intended,- yet in order to prevent any mistake or misconstruction that might poffibly arise, it was thought proper to give a brief account of its intention and design. What has given the firft occafion for its appearance is, the improvement in Pfalmody in the church of St. Mary, which seems no less acceptable to, than generally acknowledged by those who attend that church. In consequence of this attempt to improve the Psalmody, the Singers found it necessary to call to their aid various Pfalms and Hymns, of different metres and tunes from those which had usually been fung before; with no design to exclude the common Version of Psalms used in the Church of England,


but only to enlarge their sphere, and enrich the Singing with greater variety. IVhenever such deviation from the Common Version was made, the congregation of course have been at a lofs for the words, and thus tħo' the tune might be known before, or become familiar by use, they have been hindred from joining with, and enjoying so fully as they might otherwise flave done, that delightful part of divine svorfhip. In order therefore to remove this inconvenience, and to comply with the wishes which many have expressed, this Little Collection taken chiefly from the Lock-Fłymn Tunes, and from the Psalms and Hymns of Dr. Watts, is respectfully jubmitted and recommended to the congregation usually attending at St. Mary's, by the

EDITOR, HULL, Sept. 1, 1787

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