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at the Turk's-Head in Lombard-Street.

of the common Rights of
Christians, and of the Sufficiency and Per-

fection of Scripture, without the Aid of human

Schemes, Creeds, Confessions, &c. Price is. 6 d.

II. A Paraphrase and Notes on the Epistle to the

Romans. To which is prefixed, A Key to the Apofto-

lic Writings ; or, an Esay to explain the Gospel

Scheme; and the principal Words and Phrases the Apo-

stles have used in describing it. The Second Edition.

Price bound 10 s. 6 d.

III. A Catechism, or Summary of the Christian Re-

ligion, with Proofs from Scripture, and easy, familiar
Explications under every Proposition ; for the Instruc-
tion of young Persons.' The Second Edition.

These by the same AUTHOR.

IV. A Collection of Traetz. I. A Dissertation on

2 Thel. ii. 1,-12. 2. A Letter to a Friend, concern-

ing the End and Design of Prayer. 3. A Postscript to
the Letter on Prayer, concerning the Views which we
ought to have in Praying; the drawing up proper
Forms; the Use of Scripture Language; the Confer-
fion of such Sins only, as we are conscious we have
been guilty of. 4. The 30th Dissertation of Maximus
Tyrius, concerning this Question, " Whether we
“ ought to pray to God, or no?Translated from
the Greek. 5. Remarks on the foregoing Dissertation
of Maximus Tyrius, 6. The Doctrine of Predestina-
tion reviewed. 7. A brief Account of Calvin's causing
Servetus to be burned for an Heretic. The Third Edi-
tion, corrected and inlarged.

To which are now added, by Way of Supplement,

8. A Defence of the brief Account of Calvin's Treat-

ment of Servetus. 9. A brief Account of Archbishop

Laud's cruel Treatment of Dr. Leig bton. 10. An El-

say, concerning the Belief of Things, which are above

Reason. And, a general Preface,

V. A Volume of Sermons on the following Subjects,
viz. The Resurrection of Lazarus. The unchange-
able Difference between Good and Evil. The abfolute
Necessity of Holinesse, in order to final and perfect
Happinesse. The Case of the Prophet, who was delud-
ed by a false Prophet, and Nain by a Lion. The Spiri-
tual" (not the Natural or Animal) Man, disposed to re-
ceive the Gospel. The absurd Nature, and terrible
Consequences, of Transubstantiation. The Gospel, a
revealed Mystery. Christ came not to call the Righ-
teous, but Sinners, to Repentance. The Immentity
and Omniscience of God, a constant Motive to Piety
and Virtue, The Excellence of Moral Duties above
Positive Institutions. The Necessity and Advantages of
universal Liberty and free Inquiry. A Fast Sermon,
representing several Vices of the Nation. A Thankf-
giving Sermon, upon Account of the Suppression of the
Rebellion, 1746.

VI. A Paraphrase and Notes upon St. Paul's Epistles

1 Timothy,
1 Thessalonians,

2 Thessalonians, 2 Timothy,
Attempted in Imitation of Mr. Locke's Manner. To
which are annexed Critical Dissertations on several Sub-
jects, for the better understanding St. Paul's Epiftles.
4to. Price bound 14 s.

VII. A Paraphrase and Notes on the Seven (com-
monly called) Catholic Epistles, viz.
St. James, 2

St. Jude,
1. St. Peter,

I, IÌ, and III.
II. St. Peter, Of St. John.
Attempted in Imitation of Mr. Locke's Manner. To
which are annexed several Critical Dissertations. Price



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bound 17 s.

The last four by GEORGE BENSON, D.D.

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Some REMARKS upon two Books, viz. The

Vindication of the Scripture Doctrine of Original Sin,
and, The Ruin and Recovery of Mahkind, &c.

Printed and Sold by J. WAUGH, at the

Turk's-Head in Lombard-Street, MDccL,

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