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Printed at the Conference-Office, North-Green, Finsbury-
Square, G. STORY, Agent. Sold by R. LOMAS,
New-Chapel, City-Road: and at the

Methodist Preaching- Houses in

Town and Country.



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From MAY 27, 1765, to MAY 13, 1768.

MONDAY, May 27, 1765, I took my leave of

Londonderry. Mr. Knox fent his fervant to conduct me to Sligo, being now as affectionate as Mr. K. of Sligo, was the first time I was there. Keeping a fteady pace, we rode fifteen miles, fo called, in four hours and a half, and came at noon to Ballimafay. Here we were fhewn into a room, where lay a young man, brought near death by a vomiting of blood. Perhaps we were brought into this room, at this time, to fave a poor man's life. As we were riding thro' the mountains in the afternoon, we overtook one who was juft come from Derry, and had heard me preach all the time I was there, both in the evening and the morning. I talked plainly both to her and her husband, and they expreffed all poffible thankfulness.

At five we reached Donnegal, the county town. What a wonderful fet of county towns are in this kingdom! Donnegal, and five more, would not all together make up fuch a town as Ilington. Some have twenty houfes in them, Mayo, three, and Letrim, I think, not one. Is not this owing in part XIV.

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