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John Cage: An Anthology

John Cage - 1991 - 239 Seiten
For years he was dismissed as an eccentric exponent of arbitrary noise punctuated by silence. Now, however, John Cage is universally acknowledged as the most influential ...

Silence: Lectures and Writings, 50th Anniversary Edition

John Cage - 2011 - 312 Seiten
Silence, John Cage’s first book and epic masterpiece, was published in October 1961. In these lectures, scores, and writings, Cage tries, as he says, to find a way of writing ...
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A Year from Monday: New Lectures and Writings

John Cage - 1969 - 167 Seiten
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John Cage, Writer: Selected Texts

John Cage - 1993 - 281 Seiten
The writings gathered here span more than fifty years of Cagean thought and creativity, from the late 30s to the early 90s.

Musicage: Cage Muses on Words, Art, Music

John Cage, Joan Retallack - 1996 - 360 Seiten
The entire range of John Cage's work and thought, explored in three wide-ranging dialogues, which constitute his last unified statement on his art.
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The Selected Letters of John Cage

John Cage - 2016 - 656 Seiten
This selection of over five hundred letters gives us the life of John Cage with all the intelligence, wit, and inventiveness that made him such an important and groundbreaking ...
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The Boulez-Cage Correspondence

Pierre Boulez, Jean-Jacques Nattiez, John Cage, Robert Samuels - 1995 - 188 Seiten
Between May 1949 and August 1954 the composers Pierre Boulez and John Cage exchanged a series of remarkable letters which reflect on their own music and the music and culture ...
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I–VI ...

John Cage - 1997 - 452 Seiten
Dazzling innovation in a work by one of America's most important and controversial composers. "In the nature of the use of chance operations is the belief that all answers ...
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Empty Words: Writings '73-'78

John Cage - 1981 - 187 Seiten
Writings through James Joyce's Finnegan's Wake, Norman O. Brown, and "The Future of Music."
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