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John Cage: An Anthology

John Cage - 1991 - 239 Seiten
For years he was dismissed as an eccentric exponent of arbitrary noise punctuated by silence. Now, however, John Cage is universally acknowledged as the most influential ...

Silence: Lectures and Writings, 50th Anniversary Edition

John Cage - 2011 - 312 Seiten
Special edition of the book that revolutionized our understanding of how we make and experience art
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A Year from Monday: New Lectures and Writings

John Cage - 2010 - 179 Seiten
Includes lectures, essays, diaries and other writings, including "How to Improve the World (You Will Only Make Matters Worse)" and "Juilliard Lecture."
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The Boulez-Cage Correspondence

Pierre Boulez, Jean-Jacques Nattiez, John Cage, Robert Samuels - 1995 - 188 Seiten
Between May 1949 and August 1954 the composers Pierre Boulez and John Cage exchanged a series of remarkable letters which reflect on their own music and the music and culture ...
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I–VI ...

John Cage - 1997 - 452 Seiten
Dazzling innovation in a work by one of America's most important and controversial composers. "In the nature of the use of chance operations is the belief that all answers ...
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Empty Words: Writings '73-'78

John Cage - 1981 - 187 Seiten
Writings through James Joyce's Finnegan's Wake, Norman O. Brown, and "The Future of Music."
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Anarchy: New York City-January 1998

John Cage - 1998 - 81 Seiten
A major American thinker of the 20th century muses on anarchism.
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Lighthouses of Europe

Daniel Charles - 2001 - 239 Seiten
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X: Writings '79-'82

John Cage - 1983 - 187 Seiten
One of a series of experimental texts in which Cage tries "to find a way of writing which comes from ideas, is not about them, but which produces them," he attempts in X to ...
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