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Maligned master: the real story of Antonio Salieri

Volkmar Braunbehrens - 1992 - 276 Seiten
In this first biography of Salieri in 160 years, Braunbehrens examines the composer's life and carefully analyzes his relationship with Mozart and both the libretti and the ...

Mozart, the Golden Years, 1781-1791

Howard Chandler Robbins Landon - 1989 - 271 Seiten
Looks at the last decade of Mozart's life, discusses his friendship with Haydn, and identifies influences on Mozart's work

Mozart: A Life

Maynard Solomon - 1996 - 656 Seiten
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The Letters of Mozart and his Family

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Stanley Sadie, Fiona Smart - 2016 - 1038 Seiten
This study has been revised to include new finds about the composition dates of several Mozart works. A new bibliography and a collation with the Neue Mozart-Ausgabe edition of ...
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Wolfgang Hildesheimer - 1991 - 408 Seiten
Attempts to draw an accurate portrait of the personality and life of the great eighteenth-century composer
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Mozart in Person: His Character and Health

Peter J. Davies - 1989 - 272 Seiten
The real key to this distinctive book lies in its subtitle. The book's core is an astonishingly detailed medical history of Mozart, spanning his entire life, compiled with ...

Mozart and Constanze

Francis Carr - 1985 - 186 Seiten
Recounts Mozart's marriage and final years, discusses the possibility of his murder, and describes Mozart's personality

Mozart: A Musical Biography

Konrad Küster, Mary Whittall - 1996 - 409 Seiten
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Amadeus: a Mozart mosaic

Herbert Kupferberg - 1986 - 271 Seiten
Discusses Mozart's marriage, finances, pet dog, religion, health, childhood, and other aspects of his life

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